give yourself a hand™

We were asked to showcase hot dogs as a time-saving food for busy parents. While there are many quick and inexpensive meal options out there, hot dogs are one of the only foods that are literally made to be eaten one-handed. This left us with an interesting question...what are all the things you can do with that spare hand? Or, metaphorically, with the extra time you saved by eating a hot dog.

AD: Katie Greco / Kristen Wallace

CW: Vanessa Suarez / MK Holladay / Sydney Pellegrini / Caroline Lancaster

★ NSAC District 7: 1st Place / Semi-Finals: 3rd Place / Nationals: Best Insights




Password: 417



If you’re standing on a bus, you’ve got to hold onto something. We’ll place hot dog handles on buses to show people they can accomplish something with their free hand.



Using revolving doors in popular public transportation areas, we’ll show the many activities you can do with your other hand while you’re eating a hot dog.



We will turn scrolling through Facebook into a way for users to place their order through the ad, pay in a pop-up site, and pick up their dinner in no time.

Waze is the go-to navigation app for busy people. Through Waze, we will show users how much time they can save by visiting a Wienerschnitzel restaurant on their route rather than prepare dinner.



Wienerschnitzel will offer dual meal-prep boxes—camping and birthday-themed. Customers can find them at local grocery stores as well as Wienerschnitzel restaurants.

Each box will contain a Wienerschnitzel coupon booklet.

When someone buys a hot dog at a minor league baseball game, we will give customers a free foam finger so they can cheer on their team with one hand while enjoying their hot dog in the other hand.


Pop-up pick-ups will be placed in convenient, busy locations like office parks and bus stops for customers to save time with a fast pick-up.